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2019-20 CPS Vendor Source Book

Chicago Public Schools , commonly abbreviated as CPS by local residents and politicians and officially classified as City of Chicago School District #299 for funding and districting reasons, is the 3rd large school district in the nation that manages over 640 public elementary and high schools run by 40,000 staff members .

Our Process

CPS quick reference vendors guide process:

1. We are accepting vendors starting January 2020 (2020-21 EDITION)

2 . accept ad proofs

3 . layout begins

4 .we launch a press release. Publication good 1 school year.


Thank you, I printed a copy and downloaded it to my desktop.
Please keep me on your mailing list for future source books.

Thanks again.

R. Bayon
Business Manager / Chicago Public Schools

Thank you, this is greatly needed within the school system!! Have a marvelous day.


Business Manager, Chicago Public Schools

Nice book......I didn't really see any vendors for boiler repairs....I'm looking for a company to give me some prices on steam trap repairs.
thanks for the info book.Have a great day
.J R Jr.
High School Engineer


Excellent Effort! We appreciate it.

R. Hoskins,
Chicago Public Schools

Thank you for the Resource Book!
D. Smith

Counselor, Chicago Public Schools

Thank you for the support.
C Taylor
Department Head

Chicago Public Schools

This is nice!

A V. Barnes

Business Manager Chicago Public Schools